It’s Easy

Born out of their frustration to easily fund student opportunities, former educators founded Century Resources and created The Century Resources Program. Our priority was to make the program less time consuming and easier for the sponsor to implement. The result was the following innovations, each making fundraising easier:

  • Eliminate the need for sponsors to tabulate orders
  • Eliminate the need to open and check every order making distributing product easier and faster
  • Make tracking and recording collections easy, fast and accurate
  • Create a tracking program that follows a group's order from beginning to end
  • The sponsor is relieved of all consumer calls. Century Resources’ guarantee and toll-free phone number is printed on every product.

It’s Effective

To deliver the most effective program, the founders sought out quality products with the greatest consumer appeal. Century Resources invests the same care in their products as any other respected retailer. From high quality products to professional brochures, Century Resources provides an enjoyable buyer’s experience. To make it easier and less cumbersome for the consumer, item choices in each catalog are kept to a manageable number. Because we are more select in the products we offer, Century Resources programs tend to earn more money for groups. It’s simple: quality over quantity.

Highly trained Century Resources territory managers personally instruct students on the most easy and effective sales approaches. Students are encouraged to do their part and accept the financial responsibility that comes with being a member of a group. Awards and prizes serve to help stimulate participation.

Century Resources

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