Century Resources, Inc. is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of our users and maintaining a secure online environment for our online fundraising programs. This Privacy Policy describes the information we may collect online and the manner that we use such information.

Collection & Disclosure of Information

This website, including the Century Web Store, is not intended for users 12 years of age or under. Students age 12 or under may not access or use this website, but a parent may access and use the website on the students behalf. Century Resources, Inc. does not intentionally or knowingly collect on this website personally identifiable information from persons age 12 or under.

Requesting Merchandise or Services

If you request merchandise or services using Century Resources, Inc.s website, we may ask you to provide certain information about yourself, which may include your name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number, group number, and credit card number (personal information). This personal information will be necessary for you to order and receive goods or services, to be billed properly, and for us to credit the student and the fundraising group with the sale.

Century Resources, Inc. will use your personal information to process orders, to bill and collect amounts due, to process returns, and to credit the student and the fundraising group with the sale, and it may use this personal information as set forth in the General section below. Century Resources, Inc. may share your personal information with third-party entities that assist with order processing, billing and collection. Credit card numbers will be processed through a secure SSL connection and will not be stored for a period of time longer than necessary to complete the processing of your order and any returns. Century Resources, Inc. will not disclose a customers credit card information to a third party for any reason, except as necessary to process your order and any returns.

Student/Parent Use of Web Letters & Contest Information

Parents and students age 13 or older who use this website to send web letters via our e-mail service to notify friends and family about fundraiser activity will be asked to input their own personal e-mail address, their name, their group number and the names and e-mail addresses of those to whom the letter will be sent (included in definition of personal information). Century Resources, Inc. will use this information to send the web letters you request be sent and to confirm back to you the sending of the emails, and it may also use this information to administer any related contest(s) detailed below and as set forth in the General section below. The web letter will contain information and guidance for recipients to participate in the fundraiser. In addition, the web letter will also disclose the name and e-mail address of the student or parent who sent the web letter.


When you visit our website, we may automatically collect information regarding your use of our website through a cookie that is stored by your internet browser. Cookies are a small line of text generated by a sites server and sent to a users browser, which enable the browser and server to better communicate with each other. Century Resources, Inc. uses a cookie to temporarily store a users Group Number, so the user does not have to input the same information multiple times during a visit to the site. Century Resources, Inc. does not use cookies to track your navigation and usage of other web sites on the Internet. The cookie containing Group Number information is automatically deleted once the user closes the internet browser.

E-mail addresses that users share with Century Resources, Inc. may receive marketing materials to improve fund raising sales. If you receive e-mail correspondence that you no longer wish to receive, you may opt out of receiving additional e-mail correspondence by clicking a link at the bottom of the email. In addition, you may contact Century Resources, Inc. at info@cenres.com to report any problems you may experience.

By using this website and providing us with your personal information, you are consenting to Century Resources, Inc.s collection and use of your personal information. Century Resources, Inc. will not sell your personal information to any third party for purposes of marketing. You may request to have all of the personal information that was collected removed from our database by sending a message to info@cenres.com, identifying the subject of the email as Privacy, and, unless we are prohibited by law, we will remove such information in a timely manner. Century Resources, Inc. reserves the right to disclose a users personal information as follows:

  • as required by law or legal process and/or to cooperate with municipal, state and federal officials in any law-enforcement investigation;
  • as deemed necessary by Century Resources, Inc. to protect the property or safety of Century Resources, Inc., its staff, visitors to the website or any other third parties; and
  • in the event that the business assets of Century Resources, Inc. are acquired, customer information will be one of the transferred assets.

Century Resources, Inc. also reserves the right to amend or modify this privacy policy.


Century Resources, Inc. realizes that a secure online environment is of utmost importance to protect your personal and financial information. We take strong security precautions both online and offline. All user and customer information we collect on our website is secured against unauthorized access by a server located in Columbus, Ohio. In order to protect your data offline, Century Resources, Inc.s employee access to sensitive information is restricted, and only authorized personnel may access specific information as needed.

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